Safe, healthy ultralow EMF infrared heat therapy promotes weight loss, improves sleep, melts away stress, detoxes and rejuvenates skin—all in 30 minutes.

Ultralow electromagnetic frequency (EMF) infra-red heat treatment Helps your body burn calories and the infrared heat works to reduce the levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury and other toxins in your body, aiding in digestion, and relief of back pains. The list of benefits from ultralow EMF infra-red treatment includes weight loss, skin and wrinkle rejuvenation, detoxification, deeper sleep and stress reduction.

When TheSpa Santé discovered the benefits of infrared heat therapy—and the secret to potentially losing up to 30 pounds as a result—we wanted to bring this hard-to-find treatment to Pasadena.

A recent study at SUNY Binghamton University study performed by Dr. Kenneth McLeod, Professor of Bioengineering, showed conclusively that people using an Infrared Sauna three times a week can eliminate an average of 4% body fat over a four month period. For a 175 lb. man, that represents a reduction of seven pounds of unneeded weight. Control groups that did not use the Infrared Sauna in the study showed no weight loss. Obesity has been linked to many health problems, including:

Heart disease and stroke, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, Gallbladder disease and gallstones, Osteoarthritis, Sleep apnea

Each private EMF infrared sauna session at The Spa Sante features a connection to individual music and showers to wash off toxins directly after the session. Then you can relax in the rest area with fresh lemon water and herbal teas until you are ready to face the day again. You’ll be in your own private infra-red sauna or you can sauna with a friend; our saunas accommodate two.

Our EMF infra-red sauna costs just $37.00 for a 30 minute session or save 15% by joining the “Sweat-Well” Membership for $350.00 a month which includes 3 sessions 3 times a week per month. You may cancel at anytime with 1 week notice. (Credit Card on file will be charged 1st of every month)

See more about the SUNY study here:

The amazing part about this study was that the participants did not change their exercise or diet patterns. The sauna group used the Infrared saunas installed at Binghamton campus three times a week for 45 minutes, that's all! Many people find it difficult to change their diets and exercise habits but using an infrared Infrared sauna is easy, comfortable and relaxing; like going to a spa. Infrared Saunas are good for your health!

See the study here:


Always consult a health care provider who is knowledgeable in sauna use before using a sauna.

Saunas are powerful devices and monitoring your progress by a professional trained in sauna use is always advisable.

Sauna therapy can be dangerous and even fatal for some people under some circumstances. If you are considering sauna therapy, you must first seek the advice of your health care provider about sauna therapy and should also become educated as to the proper use of sauna, preparations for doing sauna therapy, as well as fully understanding the risks involved in sauna therapy.

Risks include, but are not limited to, cardiac failure, stroke, fainting, headache, nausea, weakness, rashes, hot flashes, dehydration, exacerbation of neurological symptoms, and even death. Variables of sauna therapy such as health condition of user, duration of sauna therapy, proper hydration, electrolyte and mineral balance and restoration must be properly considered and heeded before proceeding with sauna therapy.

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The FDA requires us to inform you that this Product is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or medical problem and is not a substitute for regular medical care from a licensed health care provider.


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